HiSi 10mm Diameter X 3.5” Inch Stem-Step Tip Downstem


Brand/Artist: HiSi Glass
Category: Miscellaneous
Condition: New
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Date Posted: June 29
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1x Flushmount downstem with 10mm tubing and step tip 11 hole diffuser. Accomodates 14mm male bowls; ashcatchers and drop downs. 3.5 inches from bottom of joint to tip. The Hi-Si diffused downstem has strategically placed holes that make sure your hit is diffused in all directions to ensure a smooth and balanced hit. These fantastically functioning downstems are engineered for Hi-Si pipes to provide great percolation but also work great in any piece that they will fit. Diffused downstem Swiss-style percolation holes Made for use with Hi-Si pipes Fits into 19mm receiver