Custom Rick and Morty Bud leaf ashtrays 🍁


Listing Type: Fixed Price
Brand/Artist: HZ Crafting Co.
Category: Trays
Condition: New
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Date Posted: May 25
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Beautifully hand crafted Meeseeks bud leaf ashtray. This awesome Rick and Morty piece is available. You can get a custom one hand made by messaging us too. You can get any color you want and you can choose a background of your choice if you want a character or a picture or just leave it colored. You can choose to add any color you want and glitter and glow in the dark too:) Any color or style bud leaf ashtray can be made. If your interested in a custom piece just message me and we can talk about how you want the ashtray to be. You could always message and follow @HZ_craftingCo on Instagram too! Thank you for your support 🤙