Limited Terp Pearl Sale


Listing Type: Fixed Price
Brand/Artist: @mikewglass
Category: Pearls
Condition: New
Shipping Price: $0
Date Posted: October 13
Availability: In Stock

SUPPORTER SALE! ❤️✌️ ______________________________________________ Howdy everyone! Just wanted to thank everyone for all the crazy support over the last couple of weeks! So I’m gonna do a sale on a limited number of packs of pearls from the new drop. Only 9 packs of pearls will be available, and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. SALE: There are 4 available 5 packs which will be priced at $20 shipped. 🇺🇸 There are 3 available 10 packs available for $40 shipped. 🇺🇸 Once these are gone pearls go back to normal pricing.