Dopals Opals Terp Slurper Pill & Bead Combo


Listing Type: Fixed Price
Brand/Artist: Dopals Opals
Category: Pearls
Condition: Used
Shipping Price: $0
Date Posted: October 11
Availability: In Stock

I purchased Pill & Bead combo directly from Dopals Opals for $95. They shred like a beast, as you can see in the video clip. Please note: the Terp Slurper is NOT part of the set and is only used to show glass function. I shattered my Terp Slurper this morning and unfortunately won’t be able to use them anymore. I’ve taken about 10 rips with them. Oh well, my loss is your gain. I’ll ship the same day, or day after payment is made, depending on what time it is sent.