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The Adapt Tech Blue Sapphire Gem Insert Specs: 19mmx17mm (Standard) 50-51ct 19mm requires 25mm banger with the minimum internal diameter of 20mm Sapphire and ruby are superior to all other vaporization surfaces on the planet! Blue Sapphire is our crème de la crème of gems inserts designed specifically for vaporizing. Heat radiates with extreme precision creating the perfect balance of flavor and function. Low temperature vaporization to protect your health Unmatched heat retention for longer draws and fewer heat ups during sessions Conserves resources across the board: material is by fully vaporizing concentrate Even heat distribution of corundum and extended heat retention preserves terpene profiles and creates an amazing flavor experience not achievable by quartz, ceramics, and titanium Sapphire and ruby will never devitrify or become hazy 100% guaranteed Special Features: Crafted using pure blue sapphire coru