Puffco Peak


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Brand/Artist: Puffco
Category: Rigs
Condition: New
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Date Posted: September 24
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Brand new Puffco Peak Pro. Completely unused and still in original, unwrapped packaging.   Ditch the torch and unlock the secret to the perfect temperature. * Technology catches up to concentrates-  Puffco finally creates  a smart rig with intelligent temperature calibration design, created to ensure the user a perfect hit. * Only 20 seconds to heat up- so more 3-5 minutes just to heat and cool your nail, while trying to guess if you've gotten the temperature right or not. * Four separate heat settings to customize your experience- Includes 'sesh mode,' which allows you to extend your session, for the ultimate sesh with your friends. . * Haptic feedback and LED light- the stylish light band includes  battery life and heat sensor indicators. Haptic feedback let's you know when it's just the right time  and temperature. * Durable battery life and fast USB charging- the battery lasts on average up to 30 derbs and can be recharged in approximately 2 hours. * Sturdy silicone base