Anodized red SourceVape orb Versa w/ a bunch of accessories including Sic bucket


Brand/Artist: SourceVape
Category: Miscellaneous
Condition: Used
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Date Posted: January 13
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I’ve easily got about $900 worth of versa gear here. Not sure if I even wanna sell this thing. I love the way it looks so much. But, Putting out some feelers to see what I can do with this. Kinda want a Puffco pro setup or if the cash it right ill just do that. This is my SourceVape Versa v2. It’s been colored Anodized Red, with a few engravings. Might not appeal to everyone but I think it’s cool. Along with it comes plenty of a accessories to get you started. Basically everything you need. Mostly brand new but some of the stuff is used. Maybe used for a couple weeks then sat on shelf. What it comes with is the Versa in a carrying case, with the 1420co. water pipe attachment, 3 titan attys (one used), 2 magnum attys (ceramic and ti, brand new), 7 bucket inserts (2 ti, 3 ceramic, quartz, and a SiC. One ti and one ceramic are used, also the sic is lightly used.) Comes with original bubble cap and the Mini Highly Educated GTR made for erigs. Also comes with a “D-word” caddy with a couple