Keelo Glass, Karmaline Gizmocycler


Brand/Artist: Keelo Glass Gizmocycler
Category: Water Pipes
Condition: New
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Date Posted: June 1
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Hey thanks for looking You are buying one: Keelo Glass Gizmocycler Color: Northstar Karmaline Keelo “Fun fact behind the facet inside the piece... It was originally a marble I made 5 years ago and my first facet to ever complete successfully. It was just sitting in my case of personals and I thought 'why not' So there it is! Contained into this one of a kind piece for the rest of it's days. Thank you guys for looking and I thank you to those that have purchased VIP tickets for the event! 🙌🙌 Hopefully someone can give this juicy biatch a new loving home.” Ships USPS priority mail