Dick’s Who Think They’re Cool Illadelph beaker


Brand/Artist: Illadeph
Category: Water Pipes
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Date Posted: September 26
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Looking to part ways with my Dick! 1/2 CFL UV Cool Dick Beaker - There were 3, and now there are two. It is 1/1 in this colorway and UV reaction. The dicks are CFL and turn bright pink, as well as CFL turning the joint and all other pink parts a brighter pink. The Lip, Section, and part of the swirl in the base shines bright with Green UV and Pink UV. You can find a video of Luca, the founder of illadelph, making it on youtube! https://youtu.be/FDK5NPHuy5U Think this is easily one of the most unique worked beakers that illadelph has ever made. It’s got a frikin dick with sunglasses on it. According to the man who made it, it was a nod to all the “cool dicks” in the industry who aren’t very personable. When they released this, they tagged like 10-15 of them in a now deleted instagram post, to which many of them apparently responded in funny ways. It’s a total piece of illadelph history of which they don’t make anything like and won’t make anything like again. Luca himself commis