How it Works

How to Sell on GlassGrab

Selling on GlassGrab is easy and can be done through our mobile app.

List your item

1. Tap the camera tab in the mobile app

2. Fill in details about your item, upload a few photos that show it off, and post the listing!

Selling your item

GlassGrab offers a few options for payment processing:


2. PayPal

The purchase process is simple. Buyers may message you asking for details about the item, or to ask for Proof of Life. Selling your items can be made faster by purchasing a Promotion. Having good communication with potential customers is key to making sales, so make sure you check your messages regularly.

After you make a sale, be sure to ship your item promptly and upload the tracking number through the mobile app or website. You can purchase a label through GlassGrab as well.


Glass Related Integral Payments (GRIP) is the absolute safest option for accepting payments for both functional and non-functional glass pieces.

What is it

With GRIP, all of your purchases are protected by GlassGrab. If you do not receive the item that you ordered, your money will be returned to you. We offer an in-app conflict resolution system, and we review conflicts where a resolution cannot be agreed upon.

GRIP is a payment processing platform meant for buying and selling pipes that allows customers to pay using a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or through their G-Wallet, meaning that as a seller you do not face any risk of your payment account being shut down if you follow the GlassGrab Terms & Conditions.

This makes GRIP the best payment option for shops, collectors, and everybody else that is worried about selling with other payment processing services.

How it works

  • Ship the item: After your item sells, your payment is collected from the buyer and held safe by GlassGrab. You have 5 days to upload a tracking number or to purchase a tracking number within the app. To ensure you get a good review, make sure you ship your item as fast as possible!

  • Delivery: The buyer has 48 hours to evaluate the item and report any issues after receiving the item. All buyers are protected by GlassGrab Buyer Protection

  • Get cash: Your money will go directly to your G-Wallet! You can either spend the money on purchases and get cash back or buy discounted promotions. Alternatively, you can transfer it directly to your bank account.


G-Wallet is GlassGrab's in-app wallet that can be used to pay for items and promotions. After selling an item using the GRIP platform, your money will appear in your G-Wallet balance.

What kind of benefits can I expect?

When you purchase items using your G-Wallet, you instantly receive 3% cash back. In addition, when you purchase in-app promotions for your listings, you will receive a 20% discount.

How do I secure my G-Wallet?

In order to ensure the security of your account and your G-Wallet, we recommend enabling Two-Factor Authentication within the app. To do so, navigate to the "My Profile" screen and select the Two-Factor Authentication option.

How do I withdraw my G-Wallet balance?

If you choose to transfer your G-Wallet balance, you can do so by using the "Transfer" option which allows you to transfer your G-Wallet balance to your bank account. Bank account transfers take an estimated 3-5 business days.

Promote Your Item

There are ways to increase how fast your item sells by exposing it to more viewers.

How it works

1. Navigate to the "Promotions" section of the app, or hit the "Promote" button on a listing.

2. Choose how many days you would like to promote your item for.

3. Choose how much you would like to spend per day on your promotion.

Your daily budget is essentially a bid against all the other promotions that are currently running. Based on the bid prices of all running promotions, the promotion algorithm selects which promoted listings to show to a user. If you bid twice as much, your promoted listing will appear twice as often.

Proof of Life

Sometimes you may want to confirm that a seller actually has the item that they are selling in hand. GlassGrab has created a way to ensure that a seller is in possession of an item.

How it works

1. Navigate to your conversation with the seller

2. Hit the heart monitor icon

The seller will be asked to respond back with a photo of their item. That photo can only be taken with their phone camera and therefore they must have the item in front of them. GlassGrab also requires all non-verified sellers to upload a Proof of Life image when they post a listing. This image is signified by a star and is identified as a Proof of Life photo with a heart monitor.

GlassGrab Buyer Protection

All payments made with GRIP are protected by GlassGrab Buyer Protection.

What this means

In any scenario where the seller does not ship the item or ships an item that is not as described, you are protected.

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the item that they ship is packaged correctly. Videos are provided within the app to demonstrate how to properly package different types of items.

If after 3 days tracking is not provided for the item, the buyer may file an "Item Not Received" claim. The seller can choose to refund or to ship the item. If they choose to ship the item, the claim can then be closed by the buyer.

After an item you bought has been delivered, you have a full 48 hour window to inspect it. If the item is either damaged or not as described, you may file a claim through the app by hitting the "Report an Issue" button in the conversation or the transaction.

You will then be asked to come to a resolution with the seller. If the issue cannot be resolved, the buyer or seller may escalate the case to be reviewed by GlassGrab. GlassGrab will make the final decision about what is fair for the buyer and seller after collecting necessary evidence. During this time, you may receive emails from GlassGrab asking for more information - including things like images of the item.

Purchasing a Shipping Label

After you sell an item through GlassGrab, you must purchase a shipping label and input the tracking information into the app.

When a sale is made, you will be sent the buyer's shipping address in an email. The buyer's shipping address will also be available within the app by navigating to the transaction, clicking the item and scrolling down.

It is very important that you correctly enter your tracking number and select the appropriate shipping method within the transaction. Failure to do so may result in it taking longer to receive your money.

The Grab

The Grab is GlassGrab's drop system where exclusive items are released from curated artists. Items on The Grab are available at a scheduled date and time and will often sell out immediately.

Some releases on The Grab are first-come-first-serve. Others are auctions that run for a short amount of time that give everybody the chance to purchase an item.